Calf Scours

Scours, commonly known as calf diarrhea, is something we all want to avoid. Scours can be reduced with various immunizations for cows or by utilizing products given to calves at birth, according to our veterinary clinic. Request an on-farm calf scour treatment plan from our clinic. We can also assist in situations when on-farm management is insufficient. Calves that can’t stand, have sunken eyes, and no suckling response, for example, are given intravenous (IV) fluids to help them rehydrate and get back on their feet. IV fluids allow the intestines to relax and recover. We can also check them for any other health conditions and, if necessary, prescribe the right antibiotic.

We may hospitalize and intensively monitor calves that require IV fluid treatment in our calf isolation facility. It also separates the calf from your farm, decreasing contamination in the environment.

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