ABOUT Life Stock Management Ltd.

Africa’s leading livestock and pet solutions provider.

Based in Maitama, Abuja FCT; we specialise in animal health and productions.

We have a long and proud record of working with livestocks, farm owners and customers. We operate highly efficient livestock management services, supplying quality support to Nigerian and African markets.

LMS provides a wide range of services such as Consultancy, Micro chipping, Import and Export of animals Clinics and sale of products (like animal vaccines, drugs, and feeds).

Lifestock Management Services was established in 2016. Since inception, the company has dedicated itself to the improvement of animal health, ensuring animal welfare at all levels and catering to the needs of clients in all areas of livestock agriculture and animal health.

The company is well equipped with staff who specialize in various fields of animal health and management all of which is aimed at providing the best experience for both the clients and animals.



Lifestock management services ltd as part of our cooperate social responsibilities offers graduate internship, mentorships and training programs to young veterinarians fresh out of college.

Over the years we have been involved in the training of over 50 veterinary graduate students in various aspects of animal health, ranging from small to large animal medicine, public health and farm management and husbandry practices to mention a few.

Our graduate internship and mentorship programs focuses on young veterinarians helping them to build their careers for the future, and our interns have gone along to work for various government and private organizations as well as nonprofit agencies.

The LMS Team


Dr. Abubakar Bala Muhammed

Dr. Rebecca Odenu