Welcome to Life Stock Management Services Ltd.

…saving lives, sustaining livelihood.

LMS (Lifestock Management Services)  uses smart technology to deliver customer-centric livestock solutions. With services covering Clinical, Animal health and animal production,  Poultry building construction of livestock infrastructures, Import & Export of livestocks and consultancy for organisations,

Benefits you Enjoy

What you get from working with us

Your farm consultants at your fingertips

Like your INSTANT ADVISOR, no matter where you are; we give you professional advice about your livestock and show you the best practises for the successful running of your farm.

A GLOBAL APPROACH in handling your project

To every livestock related projects we handle, we attend to the through the lenses of  global perspective, teamwork, faith and selfless service.

Unique system to suit your farm/Livestock.

We provide the tools, advice and technology to make life as easy as possible for you, your livestock and your farm.

Our rendered services

  • Animal health and Clinicals

  • Animal Production

  • Smart technology in livestock management

  • Consultancy for Organisations

  • Poultry building

  • Construction of infrastructure

  • Graduate Internship Programs